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IECC Welcomes International Students for the New School Year of 2018
Category:NewsFrom:Author:Bin Hui Date:2018-09-18Browse times:319

On September 10, the opening ceremony for international students of 2018 was held in the meeting room on the first floor of the comprehensive building. IECC director, administrative staff, Chinese teachers, 48 international students from 6 foreign countries along the “One Belt and One Road”  including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam attended the event. The opening ceremony was hosted by Yang Jing, IECC assistant section chief.  

The ceremony was opened with singing performance given by four students from our college dressing in the Uighur and the Li minority costumes. After that, administrative staff, Chinese teachers and international students gave a brief self-introduction one by one.

During the meeting, Professor Shang Zhiqiang, IECC director, conveyed the cordial greetings from our college leaders to the new international students and welcomed them on behalf of our college. He then gave a brief introduction of our teachers teaching Chinese as a foreign language, our educational concept for international students, our achievements and influence and the setting of courses. At the end, he expressed his expectation and best wishes to them. He ended his speeches by saying “HNCST adheres to the concept of ‘warm welcome and high standard’ for international education”.

Yang Jing, IECC assistant section chief, explained our school’s management rules for international students that should be followed.

At the end of the ceremony, HNCST President Wei Yingbin, together with all attendees took a group picture in front of the Comprehensive Building to record this unforgettable moment.

In recent years, HNCST has been focusing on improving its level of international education. This autumn semester, among the 48 registered international students, 5 are graduate students and 38 are undergraduates.